Boys Easter Basket – Beach Inspired

Happy Friday friends!

As you probably saw off my last Girls Easter Basket Gift Guide post, I’m all sorts of excited for Easter this year! Just about every year we do a beach inspired Easter basket for our kids. We like that we kill two birds with one stone and get them all their summer essentials from the Easter Bunny! Below are all my picks! I hope they help you pick the perfect Easter basket fillers for your kids!

  1. Crab Arm Floaties
  2. Sunnies
  3. Binoculars
  4. Swim Trunks – These are my all time FAV for Jack! We got their mint ones two years ago and he just out grew them recently they launch April 12th! I also love these swim shorts.
  5. Hat
  6. Nike Sandals
  7. Shark Scuba Diving Set
  8. Sand Grabber
  9. Squirt Gun
  10. Crab Float – I also love this PIZZA one.
  11. Popsicle Molds – Jacks favorite thing on the planet lately is to make popsicles.
  12. Sand Toys

I love all these products and love the thought of not giving candy except in the eggs they find! For more awesome ideas for boys Check out my friend Arin’s Boy’s Easter Basket Ideas! You’ll love them! Hoppy shopping!


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